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The I9 Form
Although the expiration date is 8/31/12, here is a pdf. of the most current I-9 Form available. The USCIS is formulating new rules for a newer version that will become available at a later date.
Posted 1/23/13 (19)

USCIS "I-9 Central" Home Page
This site is a great starting point for answers to all questions about correct documents, storage, employee rights, penalties and more. There is an Employer Contact number (1-888-464-4218, Option #2) that we tried. There is a very short wait time before being connected to a knowledgeable and helpful customer service rep.
Posted 1/23/13 (18)

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) Handbook
Posted 1/23/13 (17)

Disaster Planning
The Small Business Administration offers a number of informative articles about business preparedness.
Posted 11/16/12 (16)

Fact Sheet #72: Employment & Wages Under Federal Law During Natural Disasters & Recover, May 2010
To have your policies correct and in place here is the USDOL Fact Sheet #72: Employment & Wages Under Federal Law During Natural Disasters & Recovery.
Posted 11/12/12 (15)

Preparedness Planning for Your Business
Emergency preparedeness for all occurrences is covered at this FEMA site.
Posted 11/12/12 (14)

FEMA Smartphone App, July 2012
The FEMA App (smartphone app for mobile devices) contains disaster safety stips and more and is a free download through your smartphone provider's network, July 2012
Posted 11/12/12 (13)

EEOC's Update of Use of Criminal Records in Employment, April 2012
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, April 25, 2012
Posted 6/7/12 (12)

Beating the Heat at Work
Society for Human Resource Management, May 31, 2012
Posted 6/6/12 (11)

Two new books explore approaches to leadership
Hartford Business Review, April 3, 2012
Posted 4/3/12 (10)

Workplace Violence Survey Findings
Society for Human Resources 02/2012
Posted 3/21/12 (9)

Workplace Bullying Survey Findings
Society for Human Resources 02/2012
Posted 3/21/12 (8)

The Path to Prosperity lies through H.R. - That's Right, H.R.!
Forbes Magazine 02/20/2012
Posted 3/1/12 (7)

Google's easy to understand info about internet ins and outs for the novice or confused!
Posted 2/29/12 (6)

Our obsession with e-mailing and how it is affecting our lives.
Posted 2/27/12 (5)

Great tips from Distribution Center Management – Managing people, material and costs in the DC and warehouse
Posted 2/27/12 (4)

Linkedin said to be most effective social network for recruiting
Posted 2/27/12 (3)

Surprising interview questions used by social media companies
Posted 2/27/12 (2)

The future of skilled manufacturing workers
Posted 2/27/12 (1)


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